Case Studies


PKF has a National Knowledge, Learning and Development team dedicated to developing tailored training solutions for each key learning area of development, including technical expertise and all aspects of an individual’s professional development.

‘Lisa Butler has worked in several areas of PKF’s business with her major focus currently being on the Client Connectivity Curriculum,’ said Afroditi Bousnakis,
 Senior Manager – Knowledge, Learning & Development, PKF. It has three key stages that align to the life-cycle of a business: Attract and Pursue. Engage. Retain and Grow.

‘For the first two stages Lisa delivers tailored training at all levels – graduates and cadets, seniors, managers, principals and partners – and now, because of her valuable input, coaching, analysis skills, and practical experience, she is assisting us in the third area as well,’ said Afroditi. ‘Another key initiative she is helping us with is a pre-partner program, Apex, for 15 principals. She is delivering tailored solutions for the business development modules, helping these principals develop their skills and capabilities of this key leadership quality.’

Lisa has worked with almost everyone in PKF – close to 700 people. Sarah Barrell Manager –Knowledge, Learning & Development, PKF, added: ‘With our younger staff her involvement is more theory based via workshops on business writing, networking and other fundamentals. With our more senior people her involvement tends to be geared towards the practical nature of what they are doing, e.g. live business plans. She has done one-on-one coaching sessions with our most senior people.

‘Being a commercial firm where time is money we are very cognisant that training investments and time away from clients needs to pay dividends. Lisa fully appreciates this requirement and her interactions with our staff yield results and that is why we continue to work with her,’ Sarah said.