July 2017
20th July 2017

Women in Insolvency Networking Event
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September 2016
Meet and Greet

Successful networking requires good manners! - an article from Voyeur Magazine
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July 2016
De-Mystifying Networking for Success

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February 2016
FREE Networking Exposed Webinar

Lisa Butler delivered a webinar, "Networking Exposed", as a bonus, to participants of Career Kickstart for Women, an online program developed by Martine Barclay at Interconnected Development.
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October 2015
Write to be Read

Write to be Read - Top 3 tips to write impressive business documents
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March 2015

Contacts to Connections - Hear Lisa Butler speaking at a Women in Finance event in Brisbane on 18th March 2015
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How to structure any presentation to optimise comfort and engage your audience. Take a look at Lisa Butlers article on the HR Partners blog.
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June 2014
"Vitrually Networking" June 2014

How we network in the virtual world is not so different to how we network in the real world. Apply the same principles, but use technology to help you. Read this article written by Lisa Butler for the Australian Institute of Training and Development journal published June 2014.
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May 2014
Structuring your presentation for success!

Recent post about presenting on the HR Partners website
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April 2014
MAY 2014

Lisa Butler spoke at a Women in Securitisation event in Sydney
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Queensland Writers Festival

As part of the Queensland Writers Festival in May 2014, Lisa Butler spoke to budding and experienced writers about networking
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MARCH 2014

Speaking to the Finsia Young Finance Professionals in March 2014, Lisa Butler highlighted the importance of starting to network early in your career. The event was well attended by over 100 young finance professionals.
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Bums on Seats

Lisa Butler spoke at the CLEAA (Continuing Legal Education Association of Australia) conference in October 2013 about getting 'Bums on Seats' - maximising participation at your training sessions and also using social media to network
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May 2013
ADMA speaking event PR

Lisa Butler spoke at the ADMA event in May - some local PR on the event:
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March 2013
Networking in the real and virtual room!

Video of an interview with Lisa Butler after her recent appearance at the Networx event in Brisbane on Wednesday 20th March.
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June 2012
Passionate about networking.

Learn why Lisa Butler, Author of Networking Exposed is so passionate about networking and why she embraced it.
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