Networking Exposed

Everyone networks – for business, career and personal reasons. If you need to develop business, networking can be a critical part of the process of winning work. It can also make business development more efficient, enjoyable and easier than the alternatives. There are many people to do not find networking enjoyable or successful, so they either avoid it, or participant begrudgingly. Often their hesitancy is based on their perceptions of networking, or perhaps negative experiences. There are also many myths which exist about networking and these can also have an impact on our perceptions about it, and how to be successful. 
To bust these myths, this book exposes the true nature of networking. In the book, Lisa Butler defines networking as the opportunity to develop and maintain genuinely helpful relationships with others. From a business perspective, the concepts in this book challenge the common mindset that you should be selling whilst networking.  Networking can, if engaged in appropriately, yield greater business success, yet it should not be approached as a sales initiative.
This book will help you to learn how to network successfully, regardless if you are networking to win work, to keep up to date, or just to broaden your network.  There are many practical tips and techniques to make networking easier, more comfortable and ultimately worthwhile. 
You will learn how to:

  • overcome your hesitancy to network;
  • establish a networking strategy;
  • prepare to network;
  • effectively manage all aspects of networking interactions including introductions, building rapport, managing conversations, remembering names and breaking into and out of groups;
  • create the opportunity to follow up with people you meet;
  • network with the opposite gender; and 
  • follow up and manage your network and ongoing relationships.

If you want practical, no nonsense advice on how to network successfully this book is for you.

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